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Rap about International Law, Tax Evasion, and Legal Requirements

Yo, let’s talk about customary international law rules

They’re the foundation, the legal tools

Used worldwide, they’re essential for peace

Understanding them is no small tease

Now, let’s break down what is tax evasion

It’s a serious crime, not just a small invasion

Hiding from the taxman, it’s a risky game

Knowing the law can keep you out of shame

Next up, exchange certificate requirements

For international trade, they’re not just nice sentiments

Knowing what you need can save you a chase

Avoid legal trouble and keep up the pace

Didi Conn on Law and Order SVU

Her role brought justice and truth to the crew

Understanding the law is more than just fun

It’s the fabric that binds us, when all is said and done

When it comes to ships, there’s citadel requirements

They’re more than just suggestions, more than retirements

Legal compliance is key to a smooth sailing trip

Knowing the law ensures you won’t take a dip

Check out the terms and conditions for investment

Expert guidance is key to avoid impediment

Protect your assets and your hard-earned dough

Understanding the law will help you grow

Do you know the definition of a binding contract

Ensure it’s legal and airtight, not abstract

Know your rights and the law’s protection

Avoid legal disputes and any misconception

When it comes to real estate in California, you must know

The real estate listing agreement, it’s not just for show

Key terms and requirements, don’t skip the fine print

Legal awareness will save you from a distressing stint

Heinrich’s Law 1-29-300, it’s more than just a number

It’s a set of legal rules to keep you from going under

Understanding the law is more than just a bore

It’s the key to a life that’s secure and pure

When you sign a contract, are 36-month contracts legal

Know your rights and your legal eagle

Protect your interests and ensure it’s all above board

Understanding the law is the best legal sword

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