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2 Numberi Ki Cycle

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In today‚Äôs world of chaotic social competition; human relationships have been reduced to being a mere economic contract. A toxic contract that is breeding a vicious cycle of greed, fear, and dystopian fantasies. The plague of corruption has become an accepted norm that is swiftly paralyzing the fundamental value system of society. However, what goes around comes back around. By the law of the universe, the tricksters, cheats, and corrupt also get played at the hands of karma. Hence, sinners judging other sinners is a ridiculous irony. Before bearing the flag of self-righteousness; let’s redeem our own selves first. Hopefully, with one little action of honesty, the chain reaction would never stop. ‘2 Numberi Ki Cycle’


Producer: Shehzad Ahmed

Producer: Madiha Majeed

Head of Post: Belal Ghouri

Subtitles: Ayesha Afzal

DOP: Amir Mughal

Art Director: Noman Akhtar

Wardrobe Stylist: Mariam Sarwar

Assistant Director: Kamran Lodhi

2nd AD: Fareeha Kidwai

Line Producer: Dilawar Gafoor

Associate Producer: Danish Murtaza

Assistant Producer: Maaz Arif

Assistant Stylist: Salman Roofi

Makeup & Getup artist: Fayaz & team

Production Manager: Hayder Hassan

Logistics Manager: Shahrukh Khan

Production Coordinator: Rashid Ali Khan

Food & Catering: Rehan Hussain

Technical: Media Films & Inframe

Talent: Sky Talent

Junior cast: Media friendship

Edit & Post Producer: Hammad Ali Khan

Grade & Post: Wahab Danka & Post Fusion

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