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The Equality of GOD

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Rich and poor is a social construct that has unfortunately manufactured a significant disparity in the human race. Consequently, resulting in forsaking the divine equality and unity bestowed by GOD upon humans. However, rich and poor are no more than a social illusion.


Executive Producer: Multiverse Entertainment

Produce by: Xposefilms Production

Design: Xposefilms Concept and Written: Imran Raza

Director and DOP: Rana Kamran

Cinematographer: Rana Burhan Assistant

AD Team: Muaz Iqbal, Basheer khan

BK Model: Akbar Islam, Nazar ul Islam,Mannan

Editor: Asif Mumtaz

Line Producer: Imran Saad Khan

Subtitles: Ayesha Afzal

Post: Postitan

Color Grading: Sharp image

Music. Kami

Makeup & Getup: Fayyaz Ahmad Malik

Styling: Xposefilms

Wardrobe by: Mehboob Mughal (Mughal culture)

Light and camera Department: Xposefilms

Focus Puller: Hansic yousuf

Camera Assistant: Rashid, Samay Jarput, Haseeb

DIT: Rashid Gaffer: Muhammad Faizan

Senior Lightman: Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Ahmad, Daniyal Ashfaq

Production Team: Nabeel, Haider, Adeel, Jewel, Harry

Art and Prop Director: Xposefilms & Rana Noman.

Asst Art & Prop: Ahmed Raza

Set: M Tanveer, M Rasheed, M Waheed, M Waseem, M Nadeem, Arsalan Yaqoob, Shaharyar Sadiqe, M Zeeshan, Abdul Manan, Amjad, Shabbir

Technical Manager: Rana Imran

Production Team: Xposefilms

Transport: Amjad, Habib


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